Yorkshire Trailer Centre

TEL: 01977 517809 or 05602 094024 FAX: 01977 517809

Trailer  Manufacturers, Y.T.C build and deliver box trailers, lightweight box trailers, best buy box van trailers, large enclosed trailers, small enclosed trailers, enclosed trailers and many more anywhere in the  UK!! Y.T.C can offer finance on new build box / enclosed trailers!!



Yorkshire Trailer Centre offer 3 types of box trailers.


Roller Shutter   Tough interlocking aluminium strips,

this design allows easy & quick access for loading & unloading.


Ramp Tailgate  The ultimate design for loading, you can drive or wheel your load in, The larger doors come with fitted gas assist rams to take the weight of the lifting.


Barn Doors  This design allows you maximum loading height, both doors are lockable and feature secure hinges.

B.S.T  van

Box trailer with roller shutter lockable door

for easy & quick access.

B.T.D van

Ramp tailgate trailer, gas rams for ease of lifting.

B.D.T van

Barn door type trailer, lockable hinge door

maximum loading height.

A YTC box trailer is built with white gel coated panel sides which make an ideal home for any design graphics or logos. Enclosed trailers offer easy transportation for a wide range of equipment and are both safe and cost effective.

Call us on 01977 517809 to find out if we can offer you finance.


Scout box trailer pictures

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